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Rawashdeh announces the pilot launch of the new sports channel

17/07/2012 12:00:00 ص

Radio and Television Corporation General Director- Ramadan Rawashdeh directed all related cadres and departments of the institution to launch the test broadcast of the new Jordanian sports channel from today - Monday - synchronized with the start of the zero hour for unveiling the new competition season 2012 - 2013 as of next Thursday, when the opening match of the season will take place through Jordan's Cup Winners' Cup match between AlFaisali (last season double champion) and Manshiet Beni Hassan -Jordan Cup runner up from last season

Rawashdeh expressed his appreciation for the efforts being made by the Radio and Television Corporation staffs in their willing to provide a comprehensive and extensive coverage for the new season games and tournaments .. specially – and starting from last week- the terms and details of the tender, which was won by Radio and Television Corporation that gives the company the broadcast and marketing rights of live games and tournaments coverage for the next three seasons, One million and a half dinars per season, which includes hundreds of games for several categories and for both sexes.

Rawashdeh confirmed that the pilot launch of the sports channel, is the first executive step in a series of steps and actions the viewer and listener will touch in the next phase, demonstrates the seriousness of the Radio and Television Corporation to provide an exceptional coverage for the competition season worthy of the status of these tournaments and the place our football reached at clubs and national teams levels thanks to the efforts and under the patronage of HRH Prince Ali bin Hussein, head of Football Federation, Vice-President of the International football Association, who congratulated radio and television broadcast corporation on winning the bid for broadcasting and marketing of the matches and tournaments for the next three seasons .. Stressing (Rawashdeh) that the radio and television corporation will, in God’s willing, live up to the expectations and trust of His Royal Highness Prince Ali, the football association family, the viewers, and listeners.

And according to our colleague Mohamed Kadri Hassan, director of sports programs in Jordan Television, the Jordanian sport channel broadcast will be via (Nilesat), frequency 10930 (H) Horizontal. Revealing (Hassan) that the first appearance for this channel will be effective at 3.30pm on Thursday afternoon in the expanded coverage of the Cup Winners' Cup event between AlFaisali and Manshiet Beni Hassan in a common link with the public channel (Jordan satellite) and with Alhadaf Radio FM.







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