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The ceremony arrangements for orange-women league Champion

08/03/2012 12:00:00 ص

The Football Association completed the administrative arrangements for the final match of Orange women's league for the season 2011 - 2012 which will take place at 3:00pm in the afternoon on Friday at Jordan Youth park field ”Ghamdan” between the leaders Shabab alordon, who clinched the title, and Amman Club- the runner-up and reigning champion.

Shabab Alordon managed to win the title and after their expected win over AlEstiqlal 25-0 in the postponed match, which was held yesterday - Tuesday - while Amman secured second place after drawing with AlOrthodoxy 2/2. AlOrthodoxy remained in third place and alEstiqlal fourth.

The final match will be played with ideal arrangements similar to final matches from professional league and is sponsored by Orange; represented by the Executive Finance Director of Jordan Telecom / Orange and in the presence of His Excellency Mr. Mohammed Alian deputy chairman to the executive committee of JFA, HRH prince Ali, and directors from the sponsoring company and members of the executive committee of the Federation and the women's committee and both clubs directors.

And according to the championship instructions, the champion will receive a cash prize of 10 000 dinars and the second place team 5000 dinars, and the third place team with 2,500 dinars.

Shabab Alordon enters the match with 28 points, while Amman has 20 points, and 15 points for the AlOrthodoxy, who finished third.

According to the championship rules, the teams play four complete rounds, the team that accumulate the most points wins the title, and the team that finishes last with the least number of points is relegated from the first level to the second level, therefore next season alzarqa team went up to the first level after winning the second level Orange-League title.

The Football Association had previously divided Women's Football League into two levels, the first level included:  Amman (reigning champions), Shabab alordon(previous year runner up), Alorthodoxy and AlEstiqlal, and to be fiinished on March 9th. Second level which Alzarqa topped the table with (16) points, and achieved remarkable results, included also Petra, Kafr rakeb and Alkhaleej.

Shabab Alordon had established its absolute dominance for the title since the tournament began in 2005 before Amman snatched the title last season for the first time
The tournament takes lots of attention from the Football Association on the grounds that Jordan women's football are the leader in the Arab region, and with the regularity of Orange women league, which introduced many gifted players to the national team ranks that achieved a great deal at both the Arab and Continental stages, where the women national team won the first ever Arab Cup which was held last year and earned a great reward in attending the Women World Cup which was held in Germany.







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