His Royal Highness Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein , Chairman of the Executive Board of the Football Association expressed his pride and joy for the national team , referring to the difficulty task in upcoming two legs against Uruguay in the world cup playoffs 
This came during Prince Ali speech to a number of media journalists from the local press today – Sunday – at the Four Seasons Hotel, he added : even though we have a difficult task when we meet an elite team who won the World Cup twice and monopolized the Copa America, so it is on the team tp give all they have knowing that everybody stands behind them no matter what the outcome is , because what we achieved so far is historic by all standards.
He added , ” I am always optimistic when comes to the national team and the source of my optimism is the determination and spirit the national team enjoys and it is what brought us to where we are now,”
“Nothing is impossible in football and the coaching staff fully aware of it, and all is needed is to provide them the atmosphere to focus and keep them away from the any psychological tension “
HRH sent a shout to his Arab brothers , especially the clubs that the majority of national team players are playing there trade in and said, ” They have to support us because we represent the ambition of every Arab brothers and in the Asian continent and it is a shared responsibility and we hope that they helps us to achieve it , we will we meet on Monday the strong team of Nigeria s in the absence of a large number of our professional players playing in the Arab clubs so we hope that our brothers  help us so that all the players are involved in the preparation program , which includes a second friendly match”
And on his look to the playoff matches, HRH said “Uruguay is a great team with great history and players and we have never met a team with Uruguay caliber an official qualification match for the World Cup so we should be very confident of our ability”
And on the role of the government and the private sector in supporting the Football Association and the national team His Royal Highness Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein said ” in the past the government gave us commendable support , but the recent period it was little and when we rejected because we were afraid to be seen to the officials in the private sector into not commensurate with the requirements of the stage we need to support the size of this achievement. It is the right of Jordanian citizens and the national team to receive all forms of support and get the better incentives because they accomplished a lot to their homeland and we see that the governments role also includes the provision of incentive for the national team achievements , ” HRH added ,” I think that the in the coming period, the government will do its role “
And regarding the private sector , we are awaiting further support , equivalent to the size of achievement as well .
HRH expressed his appreciation for the major role played by the clubs, towards the national teams in general and the senior team in particular, “We see consistently that the clubs are the main pillar of Jordanian football and the clubs made many sacrifices in the past, and still do, but in the end, these are these players are the clubs sons”
And regarding the media and social communication outlets reactions regarding the national teamcalled players HRH said , “What I was hoping to get to this stage in diagnosing of things, is we all have to respect the coach choices because he is the one and only primarily responsible , and we assess his work with the end of the stage completely the criticism we desire and we welcome it always should be aimed  for the benefit of the team and not to intervene in the powers of the coach and his choices because we all look at all the players who participated in the world Cup qualifiers and the Asian qualifiers that they are sons of the nation and gave all the efforts”
HRH also called for the fans saying, ” Our audience is the secret of our superiority .. they became a milestone not at just in the Arab world , but at the level of the continent and therefore what we hope that as they always do is welcome our guests because we will be the focus of world attention .. all over the world .. and we have to be proud of , what we achieved through a civilized behavior that fits for our homeland civilization”