Dear Brothers and sisters in Jordan who are passionate and proud of our national team, The Nashama.

    I would like to convey a message to you all as President of the Jordan football Association, in which Im honored to have your trust, and share with you some thoughts.

   Our national team has done an historic achievement to be where they are in World Cup Qualifiers. It has been a very long and very tough road to this stage. But the Nashama have done it, with their perseverance, heart,  pride and sacrifice. Never giving up even when many doubted them along the road.

   I have always beleived in them and I love them because I feel that they always represent the best virtues that we as Jordanians always aspire to and are proud of.

   We in Jordan continue to have many challenges in football. Many entities have risen up to supporting our Nashama and also our Nasmiyat who are also outstanding and a pride for all. Our clubs who are the backbone of the sport are also doing their utmost and proving what a football family really is; united and cohesive.

    Having said that it is important for me to say that there is so much more that can be done for the health and well being of our youth. We need more support from officials to help our clubs, our teams and most importantly our Infrastructure which is their responsibility and a duty.

Today, eight days before we face Uruguay, one of the best teams in the world, in an intercontinental play off. No matter the outcome Im totally proud of the Nashama. But in my heart I believe that if each and every Jordanian support our team they can make this World Cup dream come true.

    The reason Im saying this to you today is because Im seeing that there are some people who are spreading negativity about the Nashama or trying to creat divisions at a very crucial time. What everyone needs to understand is that our Nashama and our coaching staff are human beings as well.
     I personally  have full faith in our team and in our team manager Captain Hussam Hassan. I am also very proud of all those who have served our national teams and our football association.

     What I would like everyone to understand is Hussam and his team are crucial for this moment in our football history. They are courageous and doing what is right for the benefit of our country and our boys. But they also need your support.

      I fully support him and our Nashama. I would urge you all to do the same. As President of JfA, I accept all responsibility for what I truly believe is right. Any criticism you may have, let me be constructive and responsible and let it be angled at me.

 Let our nashama and our coaching staff do what they must to realise our dreams with peace of mind. I have a duty to protect them all as do all of you who truly care for our team and our country.