The Jordanian capital Amman hosted on Sunday the AFC and the Asian Football Development Project seminar, on the Asian dream project of the social responsibility.
On the sidelines of the seminar a signing of a memorandum of understanding was conducted with one – world Futbol Project.
One World Futbol Project, is a global project working through taking advantage of football popularity as a means for developing communities; where it operates to produce a certain type of balls that is durable and bears the most difficult circumstances, for distribution to needy communities, especially in the refugee camps and areas of conflict and war.
The memorandum of understanding was signed by His Royal Highness Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein vice president of the FIFA on the continent of Asia, and Urs Zanetti from AFDP, and Stephen Sonderman from one – world futbol project.
The MOU aims to establish a framework for partnership and cooperation between the three parties, in order to achieve their common objectives, as stipulated by the Convention on the distribution of more than 83.000 thousand football over the next two years on social responsibility projects and football development projects in the Asian continent.
After the signing of the MOU a press conference was conducted, in which Prince Ali talked about the importance of benefiting from the popularity and power of football to help communities and alleviate suffering, noting at the same time to the role played by organizations and companies supporting the achievement of the objectives of the Asian Dream project for the social responsibility.
Prince also praised the role of the media in social responsibility to convey a message to all members of society, and to encourage individuals and institutions to participate in these programs, in order to relief the suffering.

HRH said: joint action is absolutely necessary in order to meet social challenges, especially in a large and diverse continent as Asia, and on behalf of the Asian Football Development Project and the AFC, I would like to thank One World Futbol Project for helping us reach a larger number of young people in the areas that need support dramatically.

On his part, Sonderman said: In collaboration with our sponsors- Chevrolet, one – world futbol project is feeling happy to participate in helping young people in underprivileged areas to practice football, through distributing the balls we have produced.