Football: A Jordanian Passion Football has always been and remains to be the most popular sport in Jordan. Jordanians, across the board, men and women, young and old, follow football news on the local, regional and international levels. Indeed, Jordan’s football past, present, and promising future exemplifies the sport’s cultural, educational and unifying values. Anyone can play; whether in the bustling capital Amman, or in a small village in the South. In Jordan, football is about the people; the players and the fans. It is a celebration of our culture. Our beliefs and our connection to the global community. Jordan Football Association President: His Royal Highness Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein Established in 1949Headquarters in Amman, Jordan Member of FIFA since 1958Member of AFC since 1975Member of the UAFA (Union Arabe de Football Association) since 1974 Jordan was among the first Arab and Asian countries to introduce official football tournaments. With the first league championship held in early as 1944, under the supervision of the General Atheltic Association. In 1949, the Jordan Football Association was established, and soon joined FIFA in 1958, and in 1974 became a founding member of the UAFA, and a member of AFC in 1975.The JFA oversees all football tournaments and activities in Jordan, starting from grassroots, center, official local tournaments, Women’s Football and the men’s Football championships. Currently the tournaments include: Jordan Professional League “Al-Manaseer”.Jordan FA Cup.Jordan Super Cup.1st Division League.2nd Division League.3rd Division League.Women A League.Women B League.Futsal League.Youth tournaments for age groups: U-20, U-18, U-16 and U-14.