Jordan Women’s National Team has stepped up the intensity of trainings since returning from the U.S. Training Camp in August, as preparations keep ascending towards the AFC Women’s Asian Cup and World Cup qualification dream.


The team now holds morning and evening sessions five times a week, including a friendly match every weekend.


The rhythm of trainings has significantly improved lately, becoming more physical and more competitive, and resulting in progress which satisfies the coaching staff led by head coach Mike Dickey.


This progress also helps the coaching staff to further advance their work with the group by concentrating on more technical aspects, including the roles of players, defensive and offensive tactics, and other drills that aim to improve and develop the players’ technical skills.


Dickey has recently called up a bunch of players from the B squad to train with the team, in his constant aim to expand the pool of players to choose from, as well as encourage hard work and competition between all the players.


Five players joined the team including four players  (Al Anoud Ghazi, Yasmeen Zabian, Luna Sahloul & Tasneem Isleem) that represented Jordan at the U17 Women’s World Cup which was held in Jordan last year, as well as Rahaf Alsrour from the U19s.


Luna Al Masri returns to the team after fully recovering from a knee injury that left her out of action for more than 3 months. Meanwhile, Jana Abu Ghosh is undergoing physical therapy, after suffering a knee injury while she was participating with the B squad’s friendly against Kenya last month. Additionally, Nour Zoqash recovers from an ankle injury. While Abeer Al Nahar is sidelined for 4-5 weeks after undergoing surgery to treat an abdominal muscle problem last week.


In Germany, striker Sarah Abu Sabbah is back in trainings with Bayer Leverkusen. She has contributed to her team by helping them win 4-1 against Borussia Mönchengladbach, and 4-0 over Alemannia Aachen, scoring 4 goals and assisting two with the B team.


In the United States, the youngest player in the squad, Deanna Soboh, 15, still participates with her team Tampa Bay United in Florida. As she lately has scored 1 goal and assisted another at the ECNL U16. At the same state, Jeeda Al Naber has been taking part in all of Florida Tech Panthers matches since the kickoff of the new season.


From Iowa, Hannah Kousheh trains consistently at her university, despite the intensive pressure of exams and study. While goalkeeper Salma Ghazal resumes training with Albion Hurricanes in Houston, Texas.


Meanwhile, Jordan Men’s U23 goalkeeping coach Ahmad Abu Nasooh, is working with goalkeepers Malak Shannak, Shireen Al Shalabi, and Rand Al Bustanji, until a new goalkeeper’s coach is hired.


The forthcoming training camp is set to be announced within the upcoming days, with Latvia as the likely destination.