Pepsi Jordan and Jordan Football Association Renew Sponsorship Agreement, Aquafina Named Official Sponsor of League

2018-03-15 23:54:00
Jordan Ice and Aerated Water Company – Pepsi Jordan has renewed its agreement with the Jordan Football Association (JFA), making Pepsi Jordan’s pure drinking water, Aquafina, the official and exclusive beverage within JFA and the Jordanian League for a one year period. The agreement was signed by Pepsi Jordan’s HR Manager, Motassem Salameh and the Secretary-General of JFA, Cesar Sobar. Salameh had this to say on the agreement, "We are proud to renew our partnership with JFA for the ninth consecutive year, playing a role in supporting football locally, and continually aspiring to elevate Jordan’s position worldwide, by helping JFA to make its mark on the global sports map. This step goes hand in hand with our well-established belief in encouraging local society members to practice sports and adopt a healthy lifestyle.” On his part, Sobar expressed the appreciation of the JFA family, under the leadership of HRH Prince Ali bin Hussein, for the efforts exerted by Pepsi Jordan in supporting JFA and providing support in numerous forms, whether to the Prince Ali Centers or the national league, by supplying them with Aquafina water. He added, "Pepsi Jordan is a long-standing partner, and has witnessed the historic achievements of JFA over the past few years. The signing of this agreement came to coordinate the cooperative efforts between JFA and Pepsi Jordan, consolidating the strong relationship between the two parties, which has existed for many years". The signing of the agreement is in line with Pepsi Jordan’s efforts to maintain and sustain the fruitful partnership it has had with JFA since 2009. Pepsi Jordan continues to lend its support to the various activities and events organized by the Association, especially given that the two parties are tied by sponsorship agreements regarding several activities and entities, including the Prince Ali Centers, for several years to come.