Jordan Football Association (JFA) begins to apply licensing systems to all football clubs

2019-11-12 12:56:53

JFA announces the beginning of the license Cycle and registration of football teams, for first, second and third division clubs, as well as frozen clubs and new clubs, which are willing to practice football activity for the next season 2020.

Licensing and registration begins from Tuesday, November 12 to December 12, 2019, where clubs and entities wishing to participate in the Associations championships and competitions for age groups and various grades first, second and third divisions must head to JFA HQ to obtain the applications, licensing regulations, legal forms, financial forms, and participation forms for the purposes of completing the licensing prosses before the deadline of December 12, 2019. Taking into consideration that no application for a licensing will be considered after this date.

Obtaining a Licensing is a prerequisite for the teams to participate in JFA football activities, which includes companies and private football academies, for the new season 2020, and therefore the failure to obtain a license for any reason would have deprived the club or any entity wholly and exclusively responsible for the football team, whether it be a company, an institution or any other entity (any legal entity) or any other entity Official or unofficial from participating in the championships and competitions of the Jordanian Football Association.